Khaos Status
!kstatus instant

Inflicts a random status effect between Poison, Curse or Stone. This effect can be avoided with invincibility or immunity.

Khaos Equipment
!kequipment queued

Randomizes Alucard's equipped gear. If the player has a progression item it gets given back to them and put in the inventory.

Khaos Stats
!kstats queued

Randomizes Alucard's stats, HP and Mana. Sums up current stats for stat pool, hp and mana for points pool, then randomly distributes. Can also give or take points.

Khaos Relics
!krelics queued

Randomizes Alucard's relics. It cannot give Alucard Vlad relics, but has a chance of taking them away.

Pandora's Box
!pandora queued

Randomizes relics, stats, gold, eqipment and inventory and respawns bosses. Cannot give vlad relics. Gives back progression items.

!gamble instant

Gambles away a percentage of Alucard's gold for a completely random item.